Sardar-e Bagh-e Melli – Tehran

Sardar-e Bagh-e Melli – Tehran

SarDar-e Bagh-e Melli (the national garden transom) and its neighboring buildings are all left from Qajar era and was built by Jafar Khan Kashani and with the help of Germans (before the start of WWII) with the direct order of Reza Shah in Tehran, where was the capital of Iran. This transom was constructed in the eastern side of the former transom with the same shape and size, and after that, the former transom was demolished. Before the establishment of Azadi tower, this transom was considered as the symbol of Tehran city.

This relic was registered in the list of Iran’s national relics in April 22nd, 1997 with the registration number of 1968.

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