Zonuzaq Village – Marand

Zonuzaq Village – Marand

Zonuzaq has been located in Marand County of east Azerbaijan and near Zonuz city. Amidst the mass and density of apricot and apple trees, you can see the view of interesting houses which have been sealed by straw and mud, raised up the hillside like a train of timbers, all the spaces between them have been filled by tall and old trees which have yellow, green and red hangings of apricot, apple and walnut.
Zonuzaq is located on the foothills of castle mountain, and because of this, principles of stair architecture of Iran has been used; for the same reason, Zonuzagh has been famed as “Zonuz- e- dagh”, it means mountainous Zonuz and gradually it has converted into Zonuzaagh and Zonuzaq in slang.

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