Shah Abbasi Caravanserai Yam of Marand – Marand

Shah Abbasi Caravanserai Yam of Marand – Marand

Payam (former Yam) tourism area in Marand County has significant natural and historical potentials to attract tourists. Payam ski resort, presence of historical Shah Abbasi caravanserai and transit route are among the most serious potential of tourism in this area. In this part, we have investigated Shah Abbasi caravanserai.

Shah Abbasi caravanserai in Payam area of Marand has been counted as one of the most important facilities in silk route, and it is known as the biggest caravanserai in northwest of country and the most vital historic and tourism monument. This caravanserai has been paid great attention by tourists because of locating in tourist way from Iran to Europe.

The antiquity of this caravanserai dates back to Safavid and Mogul era. After restoration, now it is one of the 999 caravanserai called Shah Abbasi which provides feasibility of visit for all tourists. Regarding to the importance of tourist attraction and locating in an area with pleasant weather, Payam region and hillsides of Misho Mountain and ski resort, a lot of people travel there annually.

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