Dugijan Cave and Village – Marand

Dugijan Cave and Village – Marand

Marand Couty is one of the beautiful counties in east Azerbaijan province, and it is located in distance of 60 kilometers from northwest of Tabriz. Dogijan village is one of the marvelous villages of this county that you can reach it after passing Zaraghan and Bonab-Kandi villages. This village is the highest village in Marand and its spectacular views and cave are so enjoyable for climbers and mountaineers.

The span of cave is too narrow for one person to enter, but the roof inside the cave is some parts reaches 5 meters. The cave has consisted of two up and down corridors and the inside is a proper location for bats due to absolute darkness. There are two different ways to go from village to spring and cave and both of them are downhill. The first path is a suitable way for animals and sport utility vehicles, the second way is the exciting and intact path of valley that in its both sides, there are high walls of mountains with risk of collapsing rocks.

Visiting this area can be a one-day plan for mountain climbing groups and interested people. Also, its caving is a king of inverted caving.

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