Eyshabad Village and Waterfall – Marand

Eyshabad Village and Waterfall – Marand

Villages of Azerbaijan, each one has a story and a memento, and Marand County possesses tens of intact and nice villages for recreation; Eyshabad village is one of them.

Eyshabad village with lots of underground resources and pleasing weather is very suitable for trip and residence. It has a river full of water in winter which makes its beauty more spectacular to others. Moreover, scrumptious gardens astonishes one’s eyes when look at them from bottom-up. Gardens are located in both sides of Eyshabad valley and they were drawn towards north with 500 meter height. The routes ending in the gardens are up towards the valleys, in addition, bottom of mountains are full of streams with underground and pure waters which are boiled towards out from heart of nature and mountains.

Walking among trees with fresh ripe walnuts and apricots, passing the river which gets increasingly watery, getting up and down the big rocks that water flow on them creates an exquisite landscape, all these can make a memorable moments of one great summer day. Eyshabad is a small village with succulent waterfall; a village in 1650 meters height from sea that invites every one into walking, mountaineering, rock climbing and passing from its roaring river to feel the coldness of water drops better.

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