Imamzadeh Haroon-ebne Moosa – Kashan

Imamzadeh Haroon-ebne Moosa – Kashan

The same comprises of a facade, large courtyard, chambers, porches and an ancient mausoleum dating to the 7th century AH. Its dome is in the shape of a pyramid with twelve panels. The ceiling of the porch in front of the mausoleum, was adorned with vaulted arches decorated with paintings, mirror work and other paintings as late as the early last century.

Within the mausoleum are three tombs, one belonging to martyrs, the other to Safiyeh Khatoon, the daughter of Malek Ashtar Nakhai, and the third to the founder of the Safiyeh School. In the northern entrance and ancient courtyard of this mausoleum is a Minaret of brick from the Saljuqi period.

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