Negin Traditional House Hotel – Kashan

Negin Traditional House Hotel – Kashan

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Room Name Max. Capacity Price/Night
Room (Single - Zomorod)
US$ 35.71
Room (Single - Berelian)
US$ 42.86
Room (Single - Almas)
US$ 35.71
Room (Double - Berelian)
US$ 66.14
Room (Double - Almas)
US$ 51.43
Room (Double - Zomorod)
US$ 51.43
Room (Double - Sardabe)
US$ 51.43
Room (Double - Negarkhane - VIP)
US$ 88.57
Room (Double - Balakhane)
US$ 51.43
Room (Triple - Balakhane)
US$ 66.00
Room (Triple - Zomorod)
US$ 66.00
Room (Triple - Almas)
US$ 66.00
Room (Triple - Berelian)
US$ 80.43
Room (4 Beds - Sardabe - VIP)
US$ 109.14

Room Facilities

Safety Deposit Box
Flush Toilet
Private Bathroom
Seating Area
Air Conditioning
Daily Room Service
Room Wi-Fi

Hotel Facilities

Taxi Services
Conference Hall
Net Cafe
Shopping Center
Green Space
Prayer Room
Fire Alarm
Lobby WiFi

More about Negin Traditional House Hotel

Negin Traditional Hotel is located in the historical center of Kashan. Doctor Farivar and his wife Mrs Akhavan have been living in the USA for more than 40 years and the money made through the hotel is donated to local orphanages and homeless children in five different houses. Negin Traditional Hotel Kashan is located on Paghpan Ave. Rooms include free breakfast, spa bath, air conditioning, and TV. There is also a restaurant and laundry facilities.

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