Hamoon Jazmoorian Lake – Kerman

Hamoon Jazmoorian Lake – Kerman

The Hamoon Jazmoorian Lake is an important lake of Kerman province, with a variable capacity of water. The same does not account as a permanent lake of this region. The Halil Rood and Bampour Rivers flow into this lake from the west and east respectively. The Challeh-ye-Loot which is located in the northeast of the mountains of Kerman, can also be considered as one of the lakes of this vicinity, being one of the driest lakes of Iran. The Rood-e-Shoor River in the north of Birjand and the Shoor Gaz River to the south of the lake are important factors for the nature of the said lake.

This lake is located between the provinces of Sistan Va Baluchestan and Kerman, and the western section of its basin encompasses the townships of Baft, Kahnooj and Sabzvaran. The Jazmoorian Lake is actually a basin in evaporation, and forms an area for the drainage of various rivers present in this realm. This lake only has water if the outcome of the annual water capacity proves good, and that also for a short period or else it is absolutely dry.

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