Shah Nematollah Vali’s Shrine – Kerman

Shah Nematollah Vali’s Shrine – Kerman

The tomb of Shah Nematollah Vali, who were one of the famous philosophers and Sufis is located in Mahan. This building is a masterpiece of architecture of the last 6 centuries with a combination of an acceptable space architecture and pleasurable garden making and a mystical limpidity. One of the most famous spaces of this complex is the spaces of seclusion room.

Chelleh Neshini in Sufi terms is a type of meditation, used for seclusion and spiritual journeys. This complex has two entrance doors, some small and large rooms, a monument, 4 tiled minarets, two porticoes and 4 yards. The main core of this building is formed by the tomb with a beautiful dome. The oldest one of them is the dome of a house where the safe of Shah Nematollah Vali is located in it and relates to the Timurid dynasty, and most of other buildings relates to the Safavid era with some additions of Qajar dynasty.

This relic is registered in January 6th, 1932 as one of Iran’s national relics with the registration number of 132.

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