Malek Mosque – Kerman

Malek Mosque – Kerman

Malek Jameh Mosque or Imam Mosque is related to Seljuk period and is located in Imam Khomeini Street in Kerman and it was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 15th of Mehr 1346 with registration number 760.

Malek Jameh Mosque is the greatest mosque in Kerman and has numerous chambers and a vast scene. This mosque was built at Seljuk period which was the fifth century or in 478 hijri year and the order was frm Malek Turan Shah I. the mosque is a thousand years old and now it is located in the southern side of Kerman Historical Bazaar.

This mosque is 101 meters long and 91 meters wide and it is considered as a four-porch mosque. The Brick Seljuk Tower is also located in this area which is in the north-eastern side of Malek Mosque in Kerman. Three beautifully molded sanctuaries are other signs of this mosque.

In the past, there was an aqueduct called Mastoureh (named after the daughter of Malek Touran Shah I) whose water would pass through this mosque. The great porch of mosque Qibla is in front of the eastern entrance. A gate opens to the north and another gate opens to the south-west. There is a waterfront in the middle of mosque scene which is four meters deep. There is a great porch in the western side of it with colorful tile designs.

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