Astan-e-Qods Razavi Museum – Mashhad

Astan-e-Qods Razavi Museum – Mashhad

This museum was inaugurated in the year 1945. The collection of this mausoleum is relative to the Islamic period. The museum of Astan-e-Qods Razavi comprises of three museums that are Markazi, Malek Abad and Ganjineh-ye-Qoran Museums.

In this museum an array of valuable and ancient Qoran, ancient books, and archaic samples from the pages of Qorans relative to the early period of Islam are on display. These are mostly in the Kufi script and are written on parchments of deer. Inscriptions in gold which are on display in this museum are in the ‘Thulth’ and ‘Nasta’liq’ scripts written by Ali Reza Abassi in Safavid era.

Other calligraphy materials by calligraphers such as Ostad Mir Emad, Ostad Ahmad Neyrizi and Ostad Kalhor, are present in the museum. Other Materials of interest in this museum are woven textiles which are of great value dating back to the 11-13th centuries AH. and carpets and rugs which belong to the Safavid era.

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