Khajeh Rabi’ Tomb – Mashhad

Khajeh Rabi’ Tomb – Mashhad

This famous and renowned tomb is situated 4 km. north of Mashad on the Khajeh Rabi’ Road. This mausoleum is octagonal in shape and houses many rooms, large halls and porticos styled in intricate and unique oriental architecture. The bi-covered dome is 18 m. high and has two, one with the “Banai” script and the other with the “Tholth” script.

The interior of the mausoleum has interesting ornaments which includes two inscriptions written by Ali Reza Abbasi which dates back to 1026 and 1031 AH. The facade of this monument has many eye-catching and interesting architectural and decorative features. The construction of this mausoleum relates to the Safavid era and is located in a large, beautiful garden. Khajeh Rabi is well known for his endeavors in the way of Islam.

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