Rahimabad Garden and Mansion – Birjand

Rahimabad Garden and Mansion – Birjand

Rahim Abad Mansion and Garden is in Birjand City, one of the beautiful gardens of Iran and in a village with the same name. Rahim Abad Garden has two entrances and access to the interior parts is possible only through these entrances.

Rahim Abad Mansion and Garden in Birjand is in a special position among Iranian gardens for its special architecture and decorations. This complex is comprised of a garden, mansion, numerous warehouses, pond, servants’ rooms, watchtowers, etc. The main mansion of this garden has two floors.

The ground floor includes warehouses and the service section and the first floor includes several vast halls and attached rooms. The major part of this mansion is the mirror hall and most of the decorations in the rooms and halls are molding and mirror works. This mansion was established in 1315 Hijri by the order of Ismail Khan and was used as the position of governance.

This complex was purchased in 1380 by Cultural Heritage Organization from Mostazafan Institution and it was turned into a cultural complex in 1381. However, it is now used as a part of the Administration of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism and its cultural and tourist application is lost.

This monument was registered on 22nd of Khordad 1379 as one of the national monuments of Iran with the registration number 2707.

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