Moud Castle Garden – Birjand

Moud Castle Garden – Birjand

One of the famous castles in Southern Khorasan is Moud Garden Castle in Sarbisheh. Moud Garden Castle is 30 kilometers from Birjand and in Moud City. Moud is a city with historical background in southern part of Southern Khorasan and 30 kilometers to the communicative Birjand-Zahedan Road.

Moud Garden is a great monument that was used for a long time.
What we find out while investigating this monument is that it had two separate applications over the years. The major parts include fences, towers, entrance gates and the old house. Eye-catching paintings have been used for the building decorations.

The garden of Moud Castle is a unique monument with specific and artistic architecture, one of which is the changes that has been applied on it throughout the history. In fact, this monument dates back at least to Zand period and changes have been applied on it over the other periods.

What we find out while investigating the monument is that it has been in fact a defense castle and strong and thick fence and numerous towers are reasons for this claim.

Moud Garden Castle and Moud House was registered in the list of national monuments in 1379 with registration number 3462.

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