Hakim Mosque – Isfahan

Hakim Mosque – Isfahan

Hakim Mosque in Isfahan is located at the end of dyers bazaar and was built in Shah Abbas II time by his physician, Hakim Mohammad Davoud, in remains of Jurjir Jameh Deilami Mosque or Saheb al-Zaman Ismail Ibn Ibad Mosque from the fourth Hijri century.

Portal manuscripts and the interior porches of the mosque are from 1067-1073 hijri years and they were written by Mohammadreza Imami, the famous calligrapher of Safavid time. Jurjir Mosque portal is in the north west of the mosque.

Jurjir Deilami Mosque used to be called “Saghir Jameh Mosque” and it used to be a beautiful and elegant mosque at the second half of the fourth Hijri century.
This mosque was registered in 1313 as a national monument with registration number 223.

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