Eshkzar Village – Yazd

Eshkzar Village – Yazd

The same is situated in the northwest of Yazd, and has a temperate, tropical climate. Ashkeen Zaal, a feudal lord, built this village during the Parthian period. In order to fight against the moving sands, tamarind forests can be noted.

The historical relics of Eshkzar are as follows:
The ancient spruce (tree), Firooz Abad Castle, Eshkzar Mill, Inn, post haste, the semi-built Hemmat Abad Castle, Meymooneh Monastery, Ez Abad Castle and Jame’ mosque, Imam Zadeh Seyed Hassan Hadji Abad, Haj Rajab Ali Jame’ Mosque, Al Reza Mosque, Eshkzar Castle, Baq-e-Vazir Edifice Hojjat Abad, Shahr-e-Kohneh posht infirmary, Reeg Mosque. The Castle and ancient Rezvan Shahr Bath, Baq-e-Kakh water reservoir, Hojjat Abad water reservoir, Jaffar Abad Fire-Temple, Hassan Abad castle, Asr Abad water reservoir, Sheer water reservoir and Soltan Bondar Abad edifice.

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