Pars Caravanserai Hotel – Abadan

Pars Caravanserai Hotel – Abadan

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Room Name Max. Capacity Price/Night
Room (Single - Luxury)
US$ 50.71
Room (Double - Luxury)
US$ 70.71
US$ 95.71
Room (Triple - Luxury)
US$ 92.86
Suite (Royal)
US$ 121.43

Room Facilities

Safety Deposit Box
Squat Toilet
Flush Toilet
Private Bathroom
Seating Area
Air Conditioning
Daily Room Service
Room Wi-Fi

Hotel Facilities

Taxi Services
Conference Hall
Shopping Center
Green Space
Prayer Room
Billiard Club
Fire Alarm

More about Pars Caravanserai Hotel

Abadan Pars Caravansary Hotel is another hotel of Pars Hotel Set located in Abadan. It is a suitable hotel for accommodation in Abadan with its suitable facilities.

This 4star hotel provides affordable accommodation. Rooms come with Refrigerator, Air Conditioning, TV, Telephone, Safety Deposit Box, Squat Toilet, Flush Toilet, Private Bathroom, Daily Room Service, Seating Area, Room Wi-Fi, Breakfast.

Situated in the nice district of Barim, the four-star Abadan Pars Caravanserai Hotel affiliated to the Pars Group Hotel is a suitable accommodation center for those who visit the southwestern city of Abadan in Khuzestan Province. Having a long antiquity dating back to 40 years ago, the hotel was significantly renovated with a traditional view and Sassanid-like architecture. This hotel had faced with important era during the Iran-Iraq War (1980–88) where soldiers used to stay here and now a war exhibition is the reminiscent of that crucial time. Rooms, Suites and

Green Area

Here, guests can have a memorable and relaxing staying in the various normal and luxury rooms and normal and royal suites with complete facilities overlooking the surrounding green area with pool, beautiful fountains and palm trees where there are recreational spaces for taking a walk and enjoying the pleasant weather.

Restaurant and Café

The hotel is equipped with fantastic restaurants namely Orkideh, Shaghayegh, and Nastaran serving a variety of Iranian and Sea foods in a relaxing environment along with a great café and traditional teahouse.

Special Amenities

Likewise, it includes other amenities such as swimming pool, tennis court, billiard club, library, and city tour in addition to handicrafts, clothing, and souvenir stores, making visitors have a more satisfying time.

Surrounding Attractions

Regarding the attractions in the vicinity of the hotel, the Barim boat-riding, Arvand Rud pier, Abadan museum, Rangoniha mosque, and the Christian church should be mentioned. Also, it has good access to the city center, the central market and the city’s international airport, making the hotel a convenient place.

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