Labe Khandagh Historical Hotel – Yazd

Labe Khandagh Historical Hotel – Yazd

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Room Name Max. Capacity Price/Night
Room (Single)
US$ 38.14
Room (Double)
US$ 58.74
Room (Double - VIP)
US$ 103.43
Room (Triple)
US$ 73.11
Room (4 Beds)
US$ 88.64

Room Facilities

Safety Deposit Box
Flush Toilet
Private Bathroom
Seating Area
Air Conditioning
Room Wi-Fi

Hotel Facilities

Taxi Services
Conference Hall
Green Space
Medical Services
Prayer Room
Billiard Club
Fire Alarm

More about Labe Khandagh Historical Hotel

Hotel has been built at historical house of Tyby. The building was built in the late Qajar period was owned by the family of the same name. Tyby house is in a neighborhood called Lab Khandagh adjacent to Qiyam street and old markets of Yazd. The house is at the intersection entrance of the neighborhood near historical Hotel of Mehr the name of which has been derived from the neighborhood. The hotel building consists of two main courtyard garden and orangery, a beautiful wind-catcher, hall, porch, roof overlooking the historical context attached to other roofs. This hotel with 10 rooms and 30 beds is ready to welcome guests and due to its proximity to main parts of the city and traditional markets like Bazar Zargarha, Panje Ali and Khan, guests take it as in important option.

Labe Khandagh Historical Hotel is located near historical Amirchkhmaq Square, Qiyam Street and next to largest shop centers of the city including, Zargarha market, Khan Market, Market Ali Fazel and historical hotel of Mehr. With a few short minutes you can walk to all the sites. Features: Full Service, Jacuzzi, mini bar, TV, modern heating and cooling systems, wireless Internet, Cafee Net, access to satellite networks, a doctor at the hotel, full cover insurance for tourists, safe deposit boxes,plane and train ticket booking service, horse and camel riding, desert tours and trekking guides in Yazd and visiting wildlife with local guide, carriage rides for guests of the hotel in the historical context of Yazd.

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