Khesht Abad Traditional Hotel – Yazd

Khesht Abad Traditional Hotel – Yazd

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Room Name Max. Capacity Price/Night
Room (Double)
US$ 30.71
Room (Triple)
US$ 37.86
Room (4 Beds - Underground)
US$ 35.71
Room (5 Beds - Connect)
US$ 68.57

Room Facilities

Squat Toilet
Flush Toilet
Private Bathroom

Hotel Facilities

Green Space

More about Khesht Abad Traditional Hotel

Kheshtabad traditional hotel is placed in the oldest region of Yazd city named “Gazorgah” and in the “Kheshmal-Abad” part of it(Kheshmal was the place of making mud bricks for building mosques). With the supervision of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of of Yazd, This Region is almost keeped in its original style with beautiful alleys and arcs which are a delight to the eyes and very nice for walking and sightseeing. The Hotel Building was originally built more than a decade ago and was a house to a big and rich family. Then over the years it became unoccupied and in 1390 we began the process of repairing the building and in 1394 This hotel was opened under the name of”Boomgardi Kheshtabad Traditional Hotel’. One of the major privileges of staying in this hotel is that the guests can visit numerous historical places only by walking in a short period of time because this hotel is placed in the center of traditional part of yazd.

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