Khaneh Kheshti Eco Guesthouse – Yazd

Khaneh Kheshti Eco Guesthouse – Yazd

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Room Name Max. Capacity Price/Night
Room (Twin - Shared Bathroom)
US$ 48.57
Room (Triple)
US$ 72.86
Room (4 Beds - Shared Bathroom)
US$ 97.14
Room (5 Beds)
US$ 121.43

Room Facilities

Squat Toilet
Flush Toilet
Private Bathroom
Room Wi-Fi

Hotel Facilities

Green Space

More about Khaneh Kheshti Eco Guesthouse

In 2014, Khaneh Kheshti eco-accommodation opened to guests from all over Iran and other countries. Located in historical part of the city, is near to Amir Chakhmaq Square and other historical attractions. Khaneh Kheshti aims to introduce the culture, customs and beliefs of desert dweller’s and make a lovely stay for the guests.

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