Isatis Hotel – Astara

Isatis Hotel – Astara

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Room Name Max. Capacity Price/Night
US$ 50.00
Suite (2 Beds)
US$ 62.86
Suite (3 Beds)
US$ 74.29
Suite (4 Beds)
US$ 84.29
Suite (5 Beds)
US$ 92.86
Suite (6 Beds)
US$ 100.00
Suite (7 Beds)
US$ 105.71

Room Facilities

Safety Deposit Box
Squat Toilet
Flush Toilet
Private Bathroom
Seating Area
Air Conditioning
Daily Room Service
Room Wi-Fi

Hotel Facilities

Taxi Services
Green Space
Prayer Room
Lobby WiFi

More about Isatis Hotel

Isatis Apartment Hotel of Astara Isatis has got different meanings; one is the former name of the city of Yazd, one is the name of the daughter of an Achaemenid king, another means indigo. Above all, it is the name of a hotel in Astara.

Isatis Apartment Hotel was established in the city of Astara in Gilan, in 2011. This apartment hotel has got 15 luxe suites that are each 80 meters big. These suites are quite spacious, so you need not worry about the no vacancy case.

Isatis Hotel is situated on the side of Astara-Rasht Road, so it is a good choice for travelers with different destinations in mind. By staying at this hotel, you’ll be only three kilometers away from the beautiful seaport of Astara, with rooms that face the mountains, the forest, or the sea. The Russian Beach Market, the beautiful Sadaf Coast, Astara’s Garden of Birds, Cacti Paradise, Bibiyanloo National Park, Steel International Hall, etc. are among the attractions within easy access to you.

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