Behesht Talab Hotel – Bandar Anzali

Behesht Talab Hotel – Bandar Anzali

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Room Name Max. Capacity Price/Night
Villa (1 Bedroom - VIP)
US$ 128.57
Villa (1 Bedroom - Royal)
US$ 114.29
Villa (2 Bedrooms - Royal)
US$ 157.14
Villa (2 Bedrooms - Royal)
US$ 200.00
Villa (2 Bedrooms - Royal)
US$ 214.29

Room Facilities

Squat Toilet
Flush Toilet
Private Bathroom
Daily Room Service

Hotel Facilities

Taxi Services
Green Space
Lobby WiFi

More about Behesht Talab Hotel

Behesht Talab Hotel is located in Bandar-e Anzali and is equipped with modern facilities. Upon entering this hotel, one feels like entering a new world, as the interior design is so charming and marvelous, catching one’s eye instantly. Behesht Talab Hotel has nice facilities such as Refrigerator، TV، Suit، Restaurant، Internet، Parking، Praying room، Lobby، Satellite، Cafe، Internet In Lobby and etc.

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