Safa Bath – Qazvin

Safa Bath – Qazvin

This bath is located in Molavi Avenue in Qazvin and has two separate chambers for ladies and gents. It was built in 1259 AH. by “Haji Hassan Ebne Haji Abdollah Tabrizy”. Around the pool there are four stones in a cupped form, as well as the four marble lions with dervish embossed cups (Kashkool) on their backs. Among the canals of stone there is a platform.

The domed ceiling of the clock room is supported by eight beautiful columns. The hot chamber has a pillared domed ceiling too. Generally the clock room, private chambers, the bathing vicinity and plinth of the bath as well as ponds and pools are constructed of polished marbles. There is a pool located to the west side of the bath. Materials used in this construction are stone, brick, marble and mortar.

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