Sadr-e-Jahan (Imamzadeh Abazar) Tomb – Qazvin

Sadr-e-Jahan (Imamzadeh Abazar) Tomb – Qazvin

The same is located in elevations to the north east of Qazvin. This is a mountainous vicinity with an extremely pleasant climate. From the internal, the mausoleum is a quadrangle, and its lower section is covered with four columns. The sepulcher is in the center of the mausoleum, and the engraved tombstone is near the entrance. The personality buried therein was a minister of the times.

The dome comprises of two sectors, the base and its circular section. It was adorned with tiles in the year 1965 when it was put under repair. The surface of the dome displays a fine array of tile work, in geometrical shapes, and relevant to the Qajar era. This structure houses a few ancient and historical epigraphs.

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