Ra’isol Mojahedin Tomb – Qazvin

Ra’isol Mojahedin Tomb – Qazvin

The said tomb is that of Mirza Hassan, a freedom fighter in the Constitutional Revolutionary Movement. He aided the liberal forces of Gilan in overtaking Tehran. This two storeyed rectangular structure is located in the Qazvin-Karaj Road. The tower section is constructed of brick, stone and comprises of a cellar and water reservoir.

On the upper floor, in a square chamber is the tomb. To each of the four sides are false arches in the shape of a horseshoe, and in the four corners of the structure are four chambers also covered with arches.

The chambers of the tomb have four colossal pillars, and the brick dome of the structure is located on this chamber. This dome is adorned with multicolored tiles set in a geometrical design. The tombstone displays the date of 1333 AH. The tombstone of his spouse Asiah is in the northern wall of the chamber.

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