Qazvin Gateways – Qazvin

Qazvin Gateways – Qazvin

In the past the city of Qazvin had eight gateways. These were reputedly known as the Rast Gateway, Baq-e-Shah, Kooshk, Tabriz, Tehran, Sheikh Abad, Imamzadeh Hassan and Khandaqbar Gateways. Today, only two of these gateways have been remained, i.e., Kooshk and Tehran Gateways.

The former is located at the end of Azadi Avenue. It is a construction of the Qajar period and was adorned with tile-work in the year 1296 AH. The Tehran Gateway is also a relic of the Qajar era and is situated on the old Tehran road. The same was repaired in the year 1968, when tile-work was done on it.

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