Mohammad Abad Khoreh (Khorheh) Caravansary – Qazvin

Mohammad Abad Khoreh (Khorheh) Caravansary – Qazvin

The same is located on the Qazvin-Bo’inn Zahra Road and is a remnant from the Safavid age. The structure is a five sided one with two circular towers, and a rectangular courtyard. The structure has been constructed on an angular basis, and between each of the four sides an elevated arch can be observed. The entrance however faces the southern side to the three sides of which are the colossal porches.

To each side of the northern porch there are five false arches, whereas, the western and eastern porches reveal six such arches. The structure is made of brick and only the facade of the courtyard and northern corridor reveal an architecture of stone.

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