Jameh Mosque – Qazvin

Jameh Mosque – Qazvin

Jameh Mosque of Qazvin or Atigh Jameh Mosque or the Great Jameh Mosque is one of the greatest mosques in Iran and the oldest jameh mosque in Iran. Its primary building was built on a fire temple from Sassanid era (the fire temple was in the southern porch). The mosque is in a four porch style and is located in Qazvin City.

The building was built to the order of Haroun al-Rashid in 192 hijri year. A part of the mosque (including the southern porch) was ruined when Monguls attacked Qazvin and since it was the most important mosque in the city. However, it was repaired in the following period.

The monuments of several periods can be seen in this building and after the part from Sassanid era; the oldest part of it dates back to the second Islamic century. The porches were reconstructed in Safavid era. However, the eastern porch was repaired in Qajar period.

The mosque was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments in 1310 with registration number 121.

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