Imamzadeh Esmaeil – Qazvin

Imamzadeh Esmaeil – Qazvin

The said is near the Shohada Avenue in Qazvin, and is a brick structure. The premises comprise of a northern and southern courtyard. Its porch to the southern side has tile work on the upper segment of its entrance. To both sides of the porch are chambers constructed in two storeys. The main plan is a quadrangle one with areas improvised for the elite on all sides. Thus converting the internal architectural feature to a 20-sided one.

The walls and courtyard are adorned with mirror and plaster work, and the ceilings with floral design. The flooring is a reputed style of the Qajar era, and displays a finished affect of white and blue tiles. The western portico of the structure is a quadrilateral, to the south of which is a vaulted altar adorned with plasterwork. The dome of the mausoleum has double covering and it was worked with tiles in the year 1921. The tomb is located in the cellar and the Imamzadeh is said to be a descendant of the 6th Imam of the Shiite sect.

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