Hamdollah Mostowfi Tomb – Qazvin

Hamdollah Mostowfi Tomb – Qazvin

The said lies in the Panbeh Reeseh locality of Qazvin, and is also reputedly known as the tall dome. Hamdollah Mostowfi who was a honored geographer came from a famed family of Mostowfian dynasty. He was born in the year 680 AH. in the city of Qazvin, and passed away around 750 AH. This tomb is a relic of the Mongol era. The plan of the structure is on a square basis externally, turning into an octagon in the higher section and thence cylindrical. Part of the cylindrical segment has been vaulted.

The structure has a conical dome made of brick. The wooden door or entrance is on the western section. The tomb itself is in the basement or cellar on which a quadrangular chamber has been constructed. The cornices of which are with turquoise colored tiles.

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