Zahedan is a city in and the capital of Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran. The word Zahedan is the plural of the Arabic word zahed meaning ‘pious’.

Zahedan is a quiet city. Although it’s the capital of the province, it’s less populated. People of Zahedan are very, very warm and welcoming to strangers and tourists. Main streets are clear, the air is always clean and you can actually BREATH in the city. There’s not much night life in this city, but if you’re a fan of night walks, it’s the perfect place.

Things to See in Zahedan

  • Makki Mosque and its madrasa
  • Zahedan has also a Friday mosque for shiye
  • Jame mosque
  • The city has a Sikh gurdwara
  • A colorful bazaar, Rasouli Bazaar, can also be found in the city, where Baluchi and Pashtun traders intermingle.
  • About 100 km south of Zahedan is an intermittently active volcano, Taftan, which rises abruptly 4,042 meters from the surrounding plain.

Zahedan Attractions

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