Semnan is the capital city of Semnan Province, Iran.

Semnan is located 216 kilometers east of Tehran in north central Iran. It is home to Semnani languages and is known as Seman locally.

The city offer various recreational activities, historical and religious sites, festivals, gardens and parks, colleges and universities, and Semnani culture. The city serves as the cultural and political capital of the Semnan Province. The city’s main souvenirs are daffodil flowers, Shirmal pastry, Kolüçe cookies, kilim rugs, and shortbread.

Most travelers to Iran tend to visit Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd or some of the world famous destinations. In Iran there are, however, a number of other interesting places, perhaps less known outside the country, but offering pleasant surprises to those interested in history, architecture and folk traditions. One of such destinations is the city of Semnan, the capital of the province with the same name.

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