Saveh is a city in the Markazi Province of Iran. It is located about 100 km southwest of Tehran. Its summers are very hot and dry, while its winters are mild and somewhat rainy.

In the 7th century BC it was a stronghold of the Medes. During the Parthian rule of Persia, it was called Saavakineh, and was one of the main hubs of the empire.

Main Sights

  • Jameh Mosque of Saveh, built by the Seljuks during the 11th century. It includes a courtyard, porch, a 14 m tall minaret, nocturnal areas, a tiled dome (14 m tall, with a diameter of 16 m) and two altars with inscription in Kufic script.
  • Red Mosque of Saveh, also known as Enqelab Mosque. Dating to the Seljuk-era, it has a brickwork dome, an 11th-century minaret, three porticoes, and internally houses an altar with plasterwork and inscriptions.
  • Imamzadeh Soltan Seyed Eshaq Mausoleum
    Sorkhdeh Bridge, south of the city
  • Khamseh-Abad caravansarai

Outside the city are the fortresses of Esmaeilieh (35 km), Alvir and Ardemin (56 km, on the road to Hamadan), as well as the archaeological sites of Aveh and Alishar.

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