Noor (Nur)

Noor (Nur)

Nur (Noor) is a city in and capital of Nur County, located on the Caspian Sea in Mazandaran Province of northern Iran.

Located on the Caspian Sea coast, Nur is one of the oldest cities of west Mazandaran Province.

The city of Nour borders the Caspian Sea from the north; the city of Amol from the east; Alborz Mountain Range and city of Larijan from the south; and the city of Noshahr from the west. The city of Nour stands twelve meters above the sea level and maintains a mild and humid climate.

This ancient city is of paramount importance, and is home to several ancient castles and fortifications.

The important historical monuments of this city include a number of tombs and historical castles including the Nour Castle. The Palace of Tamishan, Caspian Sea’s coastline, and the Nour Forest Park are considered as the tourist attractions of this city, which maintains a mild climate.

The Nour Forest Park is globally famous and has always attracted the attention of eco-tourists in Iran and overseas. In this part of today’s program, we brief you on this forested region. This forest park covers an area of 4,000 hectares and lies on the Caspian Sea coastlines, five kilometers from the city of Nour. Guest houses, sport centers and athletic grounds, restrooms, roads leading to this forested region, a mosque, and several welfare facilities have been provided for the eco-tourists who travel to this forested region.

In the vicinity of the city of Nour, there are several villages; the most important of which is the village of Yoush. It has been named after the contemporary Iranian poet, Nima Yousij. In this part of today’s program, we become familiar with this village and this contemporary Iranian poet.


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