Maku (Maakoo)

Maku (Maakoo)

Maku is a city in the West Azerbaijan Province, Iran.

It is situated 22 kilometres (14 mi) from the Turkish border in a mountain gorge at an altitude of 1634 metres. The Zangmar River cuts through the city. Maku Free Trade and Industrial Zone is Iran’s largest and the world’s second largest free trade zone and will encompass an area of 5000 square km when it was scheduled to open in 2011.

Maku was the capital of a Kangarli Khanate one of numerous small, semi-independent Maku Khanates that resulted from the breakup of the Safavid empire in the 17th century.

Things to See in Maku

  • Baroon Dam Lake
  • Agh Gol Wetland
  • Holy George Church
  • Church of Holy Mary (Zur Zur)
  • Qare Kurpur Bridge
  • Qal’e Jooq Bridge
  • Qal’e Jooq Waterfall
  • Agh Gol Protected Zone
  • Safar Gholi Khan House
  • Boor Alan Wetland
  • Baghche Jooq Museum
  • Kolah Farangi Building

Maku has a semi-arid climate owing to its location in the rain shadow of the Zagros Mountains. The city is hot and dry in the summer, and cold with little snow in the winter.

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