Kord Kuy (Kurd Kooy)

Kord Kuy (Kurd Kooy)

Kord kuy is a city in and capital of Kordkuy County, in Golestan Province, Iran.

Kord kuy (means The Mountain of Kurd) is located on the west part of the Golestan province. It is connected to Bandar from the north and the west to Bandare Gaz the east to Gorgân and from the south to Dâmâqân of Semnan province.

Its south parts are closed with the heights of Alborz (Elbruz) mountains. Kordkuy was a part of Gorgan until 1979 when it gained town status. The former name of Kordkuy was “Tamise” which was also attributed to the western part of Gorgan.

Kord kuy’s most harvests are husked rice, wheat, cotton and soya.

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