Khoy is a city in and the capital of Khoy County, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran. Khoy is biggest city in the Azerbaijan region that is not capital of Province.

Khoy is located north of the province’s capital and largest city Urmia, and 807 km north-west to Tehran. The region’s economy is based on agriculture, particularly the production of fruit, grain, and timber. Khoy is nicknamed as the Sunflower city of Iran.

The city’s inhabitants are predominantly Azerbaijanis and Azerbaijani is dominantly spoken in Khoy, while nearly all inhabitants can also converse in Persian. The main religion is Shia Islam. Occupied since Median times, it shares a long history as an important Christian centre.

Khoy was named in ancient times for the salt mines that made it an important spur of the Silk Route. 3000 years ago, a city had existed on the area where Khoy is located nowadays, but its name became Khoy only from 14th centuries ago. In 714 BC, Sargon II passed the region of which Khoy is part of in a campaign against Urartu.

Khoy is located in the mountains, so the weather is very cold in winter and cool in summer. Spring weather in this city is very pleasant. The city is located in the vicinity of mountains such as Chelekhaneh Mount and Avrin Mount (The highest mountain of West Azarbaijan Province).

Things to Do in Khoy

  • Tomb of Shams Tabrizi, Shams Tabrizi Tower
  • Bastam and Bolourabad Castles
  • Khatoon Bridge
  • Old Stone Gate
  • Old Bazaar
  • Motallebkhan Mosque
  • Mount Avrin
  • Ghotour Iron Bridge[18]
  • St. Sourp Serkis Church
  • Pourya-ye Vali


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