Kazeroon is a city in and the capital of Kazeroon County, Fars Province, Iran.

Its agricultural products include date palms, citrus orchards, wheat, tobacco, rice, cotton, and vines.

The nearby ruins of the ancient city of Bishapur 12 mi (19 km) N., include bas-relief depictions from the Sasanid era (ca. 224–651). A statue of Shapur I (AD 241–272) can be found in a large cave at the site. The ruins of the Qaleh-ye Gabri (Castle of the Gabrs, or Zoroastrians) are located on a mound SE of Kazeroon.

The historic city Bishapur is near Kazeroon. This city was a capital of the Sasanian Empire. Barm Plain is biggest Plain of Oak in Iran, Davan, Sarmashhad and Kaskan are three villages in Kazeroon. The old name of Kazeroon was “Green City”.

Kazeroon Attractions