Gorgan (formerly Astrabad or Astarabad) is the capital of Golestan Province, Iran. It lies approximately 400 kilometres (250 mi) to the north east of Tehran, some 30 km (19 mi) away from the Caspian Sea.

Gorgan (as well as the whole Golestan province) has a world-famous carpet and rug industry, the Turkmen rug, made by Turkmen people. The patterns of these carpets are derived from the ancient Persian city of Bukhara, which is now in modern-day Uzbekistan.

Things to Do in Gorgan

  • Nahar Khoran Forest
  • Alangdare Forest
  • Ziarat Village
  • Hezarpich Hill
  • Emadiyyeh School
  • Sorkhankalateh Hill
  • Ismail Shirine Sorkhankalateh
  • Qajar era underground bathroom, Sorkhankalateh


Gorgan Attractions