Zivieh Archaeological Hill – Saqez

Zivieh Archaeological Hill – Saqez

The said hill was originally a castle, located 42 km. northeast of Saqez. In 1946 Ayub Ranbu obtained legal permission for archaeological activities in the vicinity of Zivieh. During these excavations which prolonged over a period of 12 years, in addition to 6 tombs related to the sovereigns and commanders of the Medes, another vestige was discovered.

This was a glorious structure in three floors, beautiful though archaic and a master piece of architecture of its times. The structure with its unique fortifications, was constructed on an elevation and upon the vast cave of Zivieh, which itself is 1,835 m. above sea level.

This was the very first court of justice of ancient Iran, constructed by the Medes for “Diakoo”.

The walls of this structure are of special sculptured stone, whilst the foundation was of brick and was constructed according to an exact and accurate measures of geometrical and mathematical scale. This construction had a porch with 12 columns of stone including two doors also of stone. The water requirement of the same was secured by a spring located on a mountain near Zivieh.

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