Zaar Ceremony – Bandar Abbas

Zaar Ceremony – Bandar Abbas

The believes regarding the winds of Zaar came all the way from Ethiopia to the Islamic land. “Hawa” people where those who involved by one of these winds. These are so to speak evil winds that possess a person, who then has to be freed from it by the performance of a special ritual. The person or patient possessed has to encounter with Baba or Mama Zaar, or the exorcist. This ceremony takes place on a Tuesday night.

Before the ceremony men and women dress up, comb their hair and lavishly make the use of special scents. First a special potent is prepared for the patient, who Baba Zaar has kept under strict watch and away from the eyes of the others for a week. Within this time if the patient is a man, he is forbidden to set eyes on a dog, hen or any women ( if the patient is a women the case is the opposite).

During this week the special potent is rubbed on the patient’s body and a little is also given to him to drink, whilst a few men and women with dark complexion having good voices beat the drums and dance. Before the ceremony is about to begin, a feast is spread out with an array of food, scented herbs and blood.

The patient is compelled to drink blood, or else the wind will not speak up! During the dancing, the patient moves in rhythmic movements and gradually goes into hallucination. Now only Baba Zaar can contact with him or rather speak to him, who pleads with Zaar to relieve the patient. There after the patient is compelled to keep clean, wear white clothing, strictly avoid alcoholic spirits, and commit no sin, or else he’d be possessed by Zaar again.

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