Yazdan Panah House of Qom – Qom

Yazdan Panah House of Qom – Qom

Yazdan Panah’s house is located in the cotton garden neighborhoods of Qom, and it is from the late Qajar and Early Pahlavi eras.

Yazdan Panah’s house of Qom has an outstanding Iranian architecture design. This building is located near the ancient bazar, the oldest neighborhood for the deals and commerce of the town, and it had a residential usage until some time ago. Considering the building form, used materials and acquiring information from the owners of that building, it belongs to two former generations with an approximate age of 120 years and relating to the late Qajar and early Pahlavi eras. This house has very suitable and excellent provisions, for example, cisterns were directly filled through the dug aqueducts. Moreover, there were beautiful funnels constructed for cooling the house basement at summers.

Currently, this historical house is allocated to the private section and is now being used as a traditional restaurant giving service to domestic and foreigner travelers and tourists.

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