Yaghoub Leys Safari Tomb – Dezful

Yaghoub Leys Safari Tomb – Dezful

Tomb of Yaghoub Leys Safari is located in Shah Abad Village, 10 kilometers from Dezful on the right hand of Dezful-Shushtar Road. Beside this tomb, there are remains of Gundeshapur City. The white high ridged (indented) dome, the glory of the monument is totally eye-catching from distance. There is a vast graveyard around the monument in which there are old tombstones indicating the old history of the monument.

Yaghou Leys, “Radman, the son of Mahak Sistani” was one of the Iranian kings and from Safari family who was ruling in Sistan. Its capital was in Zaranj which is now in Afghanistan. Since he was a copper-smith, he became known as “Safar”.

Yaghoub Leys Safar was the first person who announced Persian language as the official language of Iran 200 years after the advent of Islam to Iran. After that nobody had the right to talk in his court in any language other than Persian. He attempted to overthrow Abbasi Reign and he even went forward close to Baghdad. However, he did not survive colic disease and finally he died in Gundushapur in Shavval in 265 Hijri year.

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