Wonders of Salt Caves – Semnan

Wonders of Salt Caves – Semnan

Although difficult to access, salt caves of Semnan Province are not only among the most enchanting natural wonders of Iran but are also renowned for their therapeutic and antibacterial features.

Salt therapy is one of the newest methods of treatments. Some physicians believe that inhaling air that contains salt helps relieve joint pains and contributes to the healing of bruises and inflammations.

Salt crystals, salt domes and salt caves in the province come in different colors such as green, azure blue and purple. They can provide a great source of earning if more investments are made in them.

Salt caves have been converted to hostels in China and in some European countries. Salt crystals are also sold as decorative objects in these countries, generating revenues of billions of dollars.

Salt mines of Semnan are apparently still unprepared to receive tourists although Semnan Province is one of the biggest producers of salt in Iran.

Some tourism experts believe that establishing a clinic that offers sessions in salt therapy, or halotherapy, and other types of treatments that are associated with salt will go a long way in increasing the number of tourist arrivals.

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