Valli Castle – Ilam

Valli Castle – Ilam

The Vali Castle of Ilam is one of the important monuments of Qajar period in Ilam City, which was built by Qolamreza Khan Vali on a hill named چغا میرگ in 1908 AD (1326 AH). This monument consists of several parts such as Harem, alcove , mirror hall, and prison in the basement.

Vali Castle of Ilam which has been functioning as a museum of anthropology for years is a display of culture and civilization of the province, which attracts many visitors every year during the New Year holidays.

Historically, Ilam is among the important provinces of Iran, and most of its monuments go back to Sassanid era.

Having 750 national monuments, Ilam Province has the 5th rank in the country in terms of registered monuments. 25 monuments in 2011, 21 monuments in 2012, 22 monuments in 2013, and 50 monuments in 2014 were registered in the list of National Heritage.

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