Suru Ancient Quarter – Bandar Abbas

Suru Ancient Quarter – Bandar Abbas

Suru Ancient Quarter is located in Bandar-e Abbas and in the central part of Bandar-e Abbas County in Hormozgan Province and is one of the sights in Hormozgan in the southern side of Iran.

Suru Quarter is in the western side of Bandar-e Abbas. Numerous coins from Sassanid, Safavid and Qajar eras have been discovered in the area, which are now kept in Bandar-e Abbas Museum. Considering the discovered coins, it can be found that Moluk Hormoz had been the owner of the bank and she would make gold coins apart from copper and silver. A total number of 64 gold coins made by Moluk Hormoz and Jerun were discovered in Godo Village in 1925.

Suru Ancient Quarter and the old Suru Neighborhood in the northern side of Suru Neighborhood was in vast groves not so long ago which included thousands of date trees and different other trees such as lotus, Kurt, mesquite, tamarisk and milkweed trees. People of Suru spend 3 months in these groves in the summer.

The historical structure of Suru with 87 hectare is the second historical structure in Bandar-e Abbas. This historical structure was registered by Supreme Council for Planning and Architecture in 1388.

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