Statue of Hercules – Kermanshah

Statue of Hercules – Kermanshah

Statue of Hercules is sculpted out of stone at the eastern-western highway of Silk Road or Great Khorasan Road in the World Heritage Area of Bistoon near Kermanshah. This statue was built in Seleucid period. Building this statue was concurrent with the conquest of the Great Medians by Arsacid. This statue was discovered in 1337 at the time of Hamedan-Kermanshah road construction.

The statue length is 1.47 meters and the statue is sculpted on the mountain and is attached to the mountain from behind. Releifs and inscriptions have been inscribed on the back side of the statue in ancient Greek.

Relief of a lion can be seen under the statue body whose length is 200 centimeters from tail to head and its tail length is 114 centimeters.
This statue is recorded in the list of national monuments with number 4482.

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