Soltan Mausoleum – Gonabad

Soltan Mausoleum – Gonabad

Soltan Mohammad Ben Heydar Mohammad, reputed as “Soltan Ali Shah” was the famed Gnostic and founder of “Gonabadi” dynasty of Dervishes. He was a scholar of the second half of 13th century and the first quarter of the 14th century AH. The present aggregate compiles of four paved courtyards, two ponds or pool with stony margin, the dome along with inscriptions from “Fath” verse of the Holy Qoran, along with the sentence of “La Ellaha Ela Allah”. These inscriptions also include a list of the prophets and repetition of the sentence of‘ Mohammad Rasool Allah’. i.e. Mohammad is the messenger of God in four corners of the building.

The other assets being the four minarets on four sides of the building, four anteriors, one clock tower, portico and chamber housing the tomb and four carved doors. The founder of this structure was Haj Soltan Hossein Tabandeh Reza Ali Shah and the mason of which was Haj Mohammad Ebrahim Bidokhti. In the center of the Mausoleum there are two tombstones-one belonging to Haj Sheikh Mohammad Hassan Saleh Ali Shah, and the other to the great Gnostic Soltan Mohammad Ali Shah. The tomb stone of Sultan Ali Shah was engraved by Ostad Abdolvali and the tombstone of Saleh Ali Shah by Qolam Hossein Esfahani.

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