Sirvan River – Saqez

Sirvan River – Saqez

This is the longest river in Kurdestan province and its main branches are the Gavrood and Qeshlaq Rivers. The Gaveh Rood takes its source from the Kan Kabood Mountains of Saqez and Qeshlaq River from the Peer Mahmood Mountains. Its different branches just like the main venal system, from a deep valley in every direction.

On its course, a part of this river in its internal strip is near the border between Iran and Iraq, and is known as Dialeh here, flowing into the Persian Gulf. Its main tributaries are Gerdokaneh, Cham, Amir Abad Tangoor, Cham Gooreh, Cham Gerdakan, Zarivar, and Cham Qotvand.

The bed and bank of this beautiful river is a natural habitat for different types of fish and birds and it is very suitable as a tourist attraction.

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