Si-o-Seh Pol – Isfahan

Si-o-Seh Pol – Isfahan

Si-o-Se Pol Bridge is one of the architectural masterpieces of Iran’s history and the longest bridge on Zayanderud River. Si-o-Se Pol, also known as Allāhverdi Khan Bridge, was built on Zayanderud River in Isfahan in the time of Safavid Shah Abbas. The bridge was the location of Aab-Pashan festival and Khajshooyan (Epiphany) ceremony of Isfahan Armenians in Safavid era. This bridge has been described by most tourists and travelers.

The idea of constructing Si-o-Se Pol Bridge was produced in 1008 AH, the 12th year of Shah-Abbas 1 reign. In 1011 AH, Allahverdi Khan, the warlord of Shah Abbas I was assigned to complete the construction.

This monument was registered in Iran’s National Heritage on January 6, 1932 under the registration number of 110.

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